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tom bradshawAbout What I Sell – I have been selling steel guitar products to players and enthusiasts of the instrument for over 50 years. I don’t sell everything that’s available for steelers, just those quality products I feel are worthy of ownership. I honestly describe everything I sell. Regardless, any item purchased, can be returned within 10 days for exchanging or for a refund if not satisfied with it or you deem not useful to you.

More About Me – Some of my fellow steel players get hyperbolic when discussing me. This topic on the Steel Guitar Forum gives me more credits than I deserve. However, I’ll continue trying to measure up to what is said about me there: Tom Bradshaw: The Steel Guitar Forum. There is also my Wikipedia listing. I don't know who created it, but most of it is accurate: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Bradshaw_(musician)

Steel Guitar Hall of Fame – If you aren’t bored to death with this, a bit of my past history with the steel guitar was revealed at the International Steel Guitar Convention in 2006. Click to read Kelly Bradshaw's speech at my induction ceremony.

Hall of Fame Inductees – Much of my history was revealed at the International Steel Guitar Convention in 2006. Click on this link Hall of Fame – The Pedal Steel Pages (b0b.com) and read what was said. The plaque awarded me reads as follows:

During five decades, Tom produced numerous albums, seminars and concerts. As an entrepreneur, he promoted an untold number of players’ products, gave us the word “copedent”, and became a noted guitar craftsman. As publisher of Steel Guitarist Magazine and columnist and writer for Guitar Player, he was steel’s foremost journalist of his time, documenting player’s histories and the instrument’s evolution.

Hall of Fame History, Nomination & Induction Procedures – For this information about the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame itself, please visit the SGHOF site.